New technologies to treat breast cancer
Women handle a variety of roles. We are managers, leaders, caregivers, team players, examples, role models, sisters, aunts, grandmas and moms. Our interests vary as wide as the opportunities that s[...]
Real cures for tendonitis
What do tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, golfer’s elbow, and jumper’s knee have in common?First, they all hurt. A lot. Many sufferers describe the pain as a dull ache, tender to the touch w[...]
Targeted cancer therapists cause spike in dermatological side effects
Treatment therapies for cancer have improved dramatically in recent years, most notably through the use of targeted therapy drugs that block tumor cell formation.Instead of directly killing [...]
Being a friend can help prevent loneliness
Recently, one of my good friends observed her neighbor sitting quietly on a chair in her front yard. As a woman who is normally milling around her yard tending to he[...]
A room with a view
Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is located on five scenic acres above the Issaquah Creek. Residents have the unique opportunity to accomplish their goals in our renowned rehabilitation p[...]

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