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24-Hour Skilled Nursing

Compassionate care for your loved one is our main concern at Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Issaquah, Washington.

Providing 24-hour skilled care and rehabilitation services in a comfortable, friendly environment, we believe the most effective way to provide that care is by maintaining high medical integrity, building team spirit among staff, and providing friendly, beautiful surroundings for our patients and their visitors.

Understanding that most transitions are not easy, we strive to facilitate that process in an informed and comfortable way for patients, their families, and guests.

Dedicated to

Happy Patrons

Thank you all so much for all your care, dedication, and time in taking care of me these last few weeks! I truly appreciate it! You all played a huge part in my recovery from surgery and I am so thankful.

Ruiyun W.

Thank you for the care you gave me as I recovered from hip surgery. I will never forget the kind faces that helped me through it. For all the nice things you did, thank you! We enjoyed our visits with you!

Vee F.

Every single employee here has been as cheerful, kind, helpful, and willing as I could have hoped for. You all have my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and great help in my recovery!

Sheila B

The workers are top-notch the best! Everyone always has a great attitude!

Cecilia J

Dear Staff, Thank you for all of the wonderful care and support you’ve given to my mother and her family. Thinking of you always and am so grateful to have had all of you to help take care of her.

Louise S

I am so happy with this facility. All your employees are so nice and greet everyone with a smile daily. You’re all the reason why this place is given a five-star rating. This is a fantastic place to rehab. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. I couldn’t have stayed in a better place. Everyone makes you feel at home. The atmosphere here is great.

Mary G

No one wants to be in a nursing home when they don’t feel good. However, everyone here made my stay great! My nurses and the others who helped me are great! I appreciate all of you!

Kathleen K

I can honestly say after a 2 ½ month stay here at Issaquah, I had a good time. I really can’t say that I had a difficult time with anyone. The staff was great and everyone got along.

Loriane D

I had a wonderful stay here at Issaquah. The attention and care I received was excellent. Everyone was very friendly. Physical therapy and occupational therapy were exactly what I needed. The nursing staff was absolutely wonderful.

MB Gaul

Thank you for all the wonderful care and support you gave to my mom and her family. Thinking of you all and am so grateful to have this place.

Louise S

Thank you for taking care of me at the Issaquah Nursing and Rehab facility. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. My meds were delivered in a timely manner, the food was good, my room was clean, and the nurses and my physical therapist were attentive.

Charles H

To all our wonderful friends at Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation, “Thank you to those who gave Keith such considerate, skillful and sensitive care, from day one throughout his last day. As well as to those who cared for his medical needs. Who guided him through and included him in as many social activities as possible. To those who provided support services for his two year stay-cooking, cleaning, laundry, dietary, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. And to those who had kind words, a smile, and a conversation-for me each and every day. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Elisabeth S

Care was excellent. Lots of personal attention. All of the staff is very pleasant. Your wound nurse is outstanding.

Don V

The one thing I am grateful for, if there is anything to be grateful for having a shattered ankle, it is the humility and compassion I attained at this Center.  As I went through my therapy feeling all sad and frustrated about my issues, I was able to see people both older and younger than myself, struggle with tasks that I take for granted every day.  As I watched the therapist work with these people and the patience and understanding they showed and the excitement, the residents showed when they were successful in their efforts; I realized just how fortunate I was with just a broken ankle. I feel that the life lessons that I learned made my stay at this Center worth more than just getting my ankle better.  It has made me a better person and I thank you for that.

Joe O

I am very satisfied and grateful for all the people who were helping me without any hesitation. Employees were very nice to talk to me any time if I wanted to have a little conversation. I am thankful so much they have given me excellent rehab and I am walking again. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs healing,  you will take good care of them.

Ilona K

Lisa, I am your #1 fan! This is such a well-run organization it is evident that there is a strong leader at the helm. I am happy to say, after being here a week, I have no complaints. My room, staff help, food, OT and PT deserve the highest marks. Thank you, Lisa!

Arlene S

Charity – Thank you for all your hard work and inventive methods you used to perk my interest!  Everyone should have a therapist as motivated as you are, it makes a difference to the patient. You always have a friend.

Lillian M

Staff proved both competent and caring. They not only worked with residents but also got resident input to ensure they were meeting their needs. I recommend Issaquah Nursing & Rehab highly.

Martin K

Felt like home, everyone was very kind to me. Food was wonderful, this will always be my second home. Thank you and your staff for a nice time in your nursing home.

Alma K

Thank you for my work-out Connie. What a wonderful team! I have been encouraged and helped.  You are a fine physical therapist.

Bernie S

I sincerely want to thank the entire staff for making my stay at Issaquah Nursing & Rehab such a pleasant experience.  To single out a person is impossible as all of your come to my mine.  Thank you all for your eagerness and encouragement for my recovery, love & hugs!

Bernardine K

Sam is such a caring person with a heart of gold, he really cares for his resident and it shows by the way they react to him. He is a keeper for sure. I have witnessed Sam work his magic many times.

Gary, Driver for Tri-Med Transportation


Lisa, you’re doing a fine job here. Thank you for coming to Overlake Hospital to welcome me!  I have loved the staff here. Thank you for everything.

Renee S

Tami and Charity, these two girls from physical therapy treated me wonderfully, but there was always a firm hand. If I didn’t feel good, we would start laughing and then they could get me to do anything, whatever was needed. Both are funny, kind and hardworking.

Patricia H

Michael (OT) worked with me nearly 3 1/2 weeks.  The left shoulder was very sore and I sheltered it all the time.  He did a lot of research on his own time about adhesive capsulitis and found exercises that made a huge difference.  It still cracks and pops but I now know how to use it and avoid the pain

Sue D.

Sandy, it is with sincere appreciation that I write to thank you personally for all you have done in my rehabilitation here at Issaquah Rehab. Your caring about individuals and their goals to become better are greatly appreciated.

C. K. D. 

Your service is great. Everyone is very friendly and right there to help you.  The food is very good!  If I ever need a nursing home I will be back!

Judith W

Glory, many thanks for recognizing I had internal problems. Your fast action in the middle of the night probably saved my life.

Joe H

Jamie, Connie, Chris. Charity and all the therapists, you are the best! I never in my 91 years had such a painful time. But with their support and “pushing” each day became a better day – we made it!

June M

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