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In appreciation for Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation’s support as a Bandage Ball 2017 sponsor, Lisa Stubenrauch and Lynnette Anderson were invited to join Overlake Medical Center for a lunch presentation with Overlake President and CEO Mike Marsh and other corporate supporters. 

Dr. Abhineet Chowdhary, Overlake’s Neuroscience Institute Director, gave an update on many of the great things happening at the Institute, from the soon-to-be-open headache clinic, the new epilepsy program, new technologies and much more. The presentation was informative and provided everyone with valuable information. Lisa and Lynnette saw first-hand how Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation’s support at this year’s Ball is helping Overlake continue to provide cutting-edge, exceptional care.

Overlake’s Bandage Ball 2018’s recipient was announced.  We will be raising funds for Overlake’s Emergency Serviced Department and plans are underway for another incredible gala night.  The date is Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Lisa and Lynnette then toured the Vascular Interventional Radiology operating room and saw the $1,000,000 piece of endovascular equipment. 

Interventional procedures are performed in place of invasive surgical traditions utilizing image-guided, targeted treatments that improve outcomes, shorten recovery times, reduce complications and offer new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation is very proud to be a long time supporter of Overlake Medical Center, a non-profit hospital providing care on the Eastside.