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On the first day of National Skilled Nursing Care Week, we wanted to learn more about the people around us and their life stories. We encouraged everyone to come in dressed to represent their culture! 

Staff and residents brought in baby pictures, posters and shared tidbits of their life before Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. It was so eye-opening to see and listen to all these different backgrounds, and how they led everyone to the same place for just this moment in time. 

The winners received an Ancestry DNA kit!

To conclude the first day of this awesome week, we ended the day with the Gumball Shake & Mouth Spoon Ball Tournament. The winners were Paul and Allie, who won photo albums and $25 gift cards to Target–compliments of the Issaquah Spirit Committee!

Thank you everyone who participcated! We hope we were able to make a lot of fun memories.