Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Visitation: Indoor & Outdoor 

We now welcome indoor visits.  To prepare for your visit, please: 
  • Review the visitation guidelines we have provided.
  • Come wearing your mask.
  • If there are more that 2 people in your party, please call 425-392-1271.  We will be sure to help you find a space where you can remain socially distanced during your visit.

We appreciate your shared commitment to the health of our residents and staff. 

Please note -- If your loved one is on Quarantine Protocol, (s)he cannot participate in visits until the quarantine status has been removed.

What to Expect

All visits begin with a Covid-19 screening at our main entrance.  If responses to the screening are indicative of a possible Covid-19 infection, you will be asked to leave. You can call to reschedule your visit at a later time. 

Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times. Masks must be worn for the entirety of your visit.  Eyewear is also required. 

Indoor Visits 

We prefer that all visitors complete vaccination prior to entering the facility. 

Where Do Visits Occur?

For indoor visits, our staff is setting aside space for visits, and some residents can receive guests in their rooms. Our visitation written plan, which was mailed to families and is available upon request, provides details about how to enter the building, our screening precautions, and where you can meet with your loved one. 

For outdoor visits, you will be visiting under our Porte Cochere at the front entrance. We are using this area as it provides cover and eliminates the need to walk through our facility. It also allows reception staff to observe and assist with visitations.

How Long Can We Visit? 

After you have completed the screening process, you and your loved one will have about an hour together. Keeping visits to about an hour allows us to perform the required cleaning and screening between visitors.  It also allows us time to carefully transport residents to and from the visitation area.

Rules & Regulations for Visitation


You will check in at a dedicated area near the entrance of the facility.


At the time of check-in, you will be asked to present identification, sign a log, and provide your contact information. Next, you will be asked a series of questions to screen for Covid-19 exposure. Then, a staff member will share visitation guidelines with you.

During your visit, you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times. Our staff will direct you to a hand hygiene station where you will apply an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 30 seconds. Once the screening and hygiene preparations are complete, your visit can begin.

During the Visit

Visitors should remain socially distanced, at least 6 feet apart, from the resident during the visit. 

There will be a staff member available for questions prior to and during your visit.


Public Health Agency Oversight

Our facility works closely with the State of Washington and its public health agencies. The state and its agencies establish guidelines and phases for our facility that must be followed. Please understand that this plan is subject to modification and change with minimal notice, in accordance with state requirements and regulations.